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20 June 1983
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At the moment I'm to lazy to add html codes to this after I just deleted my entire profile and well like i said was to lazy to now fix it.

I'm a 27 year old mother/wife/sister/aunt and my name is Amber/Ambie/Ambie Bambi/Amberly which ever of those. I'm a dog groomer and I absolutely <3 my job! I talk about it a lot. Its one of my everythings! I'm an animal freak. I bitch and complain a lot in here, I don't really do much yet I always have some sorta stress or drama in my life. It follows me like a ball and chain. I'm short and I love being short. I always have issues with my weight. I'm shy and socially akward, I have anxiety and depression issues. I have plenty of ups and downs. I love art and photogrphy and being outside. I love my son! He has special needs with a genetic immunity disorder. I love my husband yet hate him at the same time. I have plenty of fur babies. three dogs a pit bull shih tzu and a chow chow, two cats who are demons from hell, a bunny and an iguana. I'm from detroit, its like a badge i've survived. i have no parents. and i babble a lot i have awful grammer which i usally do not try to hard to correct and i love posting pictures and having new friends, and ones that post p ictures too are great :)i love the rain, the smell the sound it all. <3 i have four sisters we all live in dif states. i've lived in five dif states, i've moved a lot in my time i've moved 10x once in one year. right now i may be on a stand still i've been in the same state for quite some time now. tho i don't plan to plant my feet here for the rest of my life, its just a resting point.